Darold Roy Vincelette


Darold Roy Vincelette


Darold Roy Vincelette
Darold Roy Vincelette

Darold Roy Vincelette, 80, of Billings, passed away Friday, July 5, 2013. He was in the comfort of his home and spent his last several days with his family and friends.
Darold is survived by his wife of 56 years, Mary (Kuzara) of Billings; Daughter Debbie (Gene) Holman of Billings; four sons: Steven (Mary) of Phoenix, AZ; Kevin (Brenda) of Billings; Dan (Debbie) of Marysville, WA; and Randy (Nichole) of Chandler, AZ; 16 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; brother Mural (Nadine) of Grand Junction, CO; and sister Joanne (Bill) Weaver of Fair Oakes, CA.

Darold was born in Baker, MT to Douglas and Sylvia Vincelette. He was raised as a child in the mountains of Silvergate, MT where he became an avid fly fisherman and hunter. Darold graduated from Billings Central Catholic High School in 1951. He served four years in the US Air Force and returned home to Billings in 1956 where he found the love of his life, Mary. The majority of Darold’s career was working as a sheet-metal worker for Empire Heating and Cooling where he worked for 40+ years. Darold has left his family and friends with many loving memories and he will never be forgotten.

Funeral Mass will be 10 am, Tuesday, July 30th at St. Thomas Church. Darold will be buried next to his parents at Sunset Memorial Gardens.

Special thanks to Sarah and Alycia (Granddaughters), Elain and Curt Parsons, and Rocky Mountain Hospice.

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  1. Kevin Brenda Vincelette

    To my dearest family,
    Some things I would like to say,
    But first of all, to let you know
    That I arrived ok.

    I’m writing this from Heaven
    Where I dwell with God above,
    here there’s no more tears or sadness
    There is just eternal love.

    Please do not be unhappy
    Just because I’m out of sight.
    Remember that I’m with you
    Every morning, noon, and night.

    That day that I had to leave you
    When my life on earth was through,
    God picked me up and hugged me
    And He said, I welcome you.

    It’s good to have you back again
    You were missed while you were gone.
    As for your dearest; family
    They’ll be here later on.

    I need you here so badly
    As part of my big plan.
    There’s so much that we have to do
    To help our mortal man.

    Then God gave me a list of things
    He wished for me to do.
    And foremost on that list of mine
    Is to watch and care for you.

    And I will be beside you
    Every day and week and year.
    And when you’re sad,
    I’m standing there to wipe away the tears.

    And when you lie in bed at night
    The days chore put to flight
    God and I are closest to you
    In the middle of the night.

    ” When you think of my life on earth
    And all those loving years,
    Because you’re only human
    They’re bound to bring you tears

    But do not be afraid to cry
    It does relieve the pain.
    Remember, there would be no flowers
    Unless there was some rain.

    I wish that I could tell you
    Of all that God has planned,
    But if I were to tell you,
    You would not understand.

    And to my many friends trust,
    God knows what it best.
    I’m still not very far away from you
    I’m just beyond the crest.

    And now I am contented that my life,
    It was worthwhile.
    Knowing as I passed along the way
    I made someone smile.

    When you’re walking down the street
    And you’ve got me on your mind,
    I’m walking in your footsteps
    Only half a step behind.

    And when you feel that gentle breeze
    Or the wind upon your face,
    That’s me giving you a great big hug
    Or just a soft embrace.

    And when it’s time for you to go
    From that body to be free,
    Remember, you’re not going,
    You are coming here to me.

    And I will always love you
    from that land way up above.
    I’ll be in touch again soon,


    We love you so much Dad !
    Kevin Brenda Ashley Kyle and Kersey Girl

  2. Jim Vincelette

    I have many fond memories of Darold and most of them are from Silver Gate but I have enjoyed those all too short visits with him in Billings on my way to and from the mountains the last three summers. Darold and Mary are amoung the most generous people I have known.
    My favorite memory of Darold is a visit to Silver Gate with my son, Steve, way back when the Doug Vincelette family shared a trailer behind the motel prior to Daorold finishing his cabin. It was dark and Steve and I were walking through the woods, returning from a trip to the dump to see the bears. I had just told Steve that the only wildlife that we would see for the rest of the night would probably be related to us. We saw a light in the distance and walked toward it. We found Darold sitting by himself around a campfire drinking a beer. Four or five hours and several beers later we continued our journey to the motel room. It was a special night, the first of many more to come. I can’t tell you how many wonderful nights I have spent sitting around Darold’s campfire. What I tell my friends in Texas and this can be verified by Glenda, is that what we Montanans most like to do is to sit around a campfire with friends and relatives drinking beer and telling lies.
    Darold, you were very important in my life and the memories I have of our times together, mostly around your campfire, are held close to my heart and are your gift to me. They are special and I suspect that it is as close to what Heaven is like that I will know until I too leave this realm and join you around your new campfire that you have prepared for us.

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