Josephine Oset Ferguson


Josephine Oset Ferguson


Jo Ferguson
Jo Ferguson

Our loving mother, Josephine Oset Ferguson, passed away peacefully on March 3, 2018. Jo or Josie as she was known was born in Roundup to Frank and Mary Oset on September 9, 1926. Frank and Mary had emigrated from Austria and Slovenia respectively. Jo was most proud of her Slovenian heritage and spoke fluent Slovenian as a second language well into later life.
Jo was always very personable to all. She touched a great number of people and made many life-long friends in Roundup, Billings and elsewhere. She will be dearly missed by all who remain.
She grew up in Roundup, graduating from Roundup High at the top of her class. She went through training and served with The Army Nurses Corps in Great Falls where she met her future husband, Wayne Ferguson, who was stationed at the airbase there during the war. After they were married they settled in Roundup where they raised their three children, Frank, Kathleen and Michie. Jo worked in hospitals, courthouses and libraries, and was the accountant for Wayne’s business. But her main job was raising her children and being a caregiver for her family. Upon retiring they moved to Billings and became members of East Gate Wesleyan Church and enjoyed the company of their many friends.
Jo was an avid reader throughout her life sometimes reading several books a week and no morning was complete without her Billings Gazette. She did thousands of crosswords, sometimes complaining if they weren’t challenging enough.
She is survived by her son, Frank and his partner Tommie Schmidt, daughter, Kathleen and her husband John Bobinski and her grandchildren, Matthew, Adam and Eileen Bobinski. She was preceded in death by her husband Wayne and her son Michie and his wife Dalauna.
Cremation has taken place and memorial services will be held at East Gate Wesleyan Church at a later date. She will be interred with her husband Wayne at Mountview Cemetery.
We are grateful for the loving care and comfort she received at St. Vincent Healthcare and at Riverstone Hospice Home.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, March 17, at Eastgate Wesleyan Church, 625 Mattson Lane.

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8 thoughts on “Josephine Oset Ferguson”

  1. Robin and Roger Byford

    Josie was a lovely sweet lady and our parents and she and Wayne were longtime Roundup friends. Her son Michie was a classmate of mine whom we lost too soon. Prayers and peace to her family and friends.🌹

  2. I am so sad to hear about Aunt Jo’s passing. She was kind and loving and welcoming, a wonderful person. My thoughts are with Frank and Kathy and your loved ones.

  3. Diane M Bianchi

    As a teenager, I spent many hours at the Ferguson house. Josie was always welcoming and had great advice (usually not to worry as things would work out okay).

    Some visits I remember: For weeks her visitors were asked if they wanted to help sew on the quilt she had set up in the living room. Another time her living room was filled with teenagers creating a banner on a bed sheet for a basketball tournament. She didn’t complain and got a kick watching the progress. We watched TV (on many different TVs) and drank many cups of coffee and tea.

    Josie also shared her Mother as we were encouraged to visit Gam’s house to learn how to cook and to drink beer once we were legal. She was a good at building up a person’s self worth as she complimented our actions and comforted us in our failures. Josie had many people who loved her and she was generous in her thanks.

    Josie was a great woman who will be missed by many people I hope she is at peace and listening to music as she chats with Wayne and Michie.

  4. Saralynn Robbins

    To the Ferguson Family I remember Josie she was a very kind, sweet lady always asked about all my family. Wayne and Josie were long time friends in Roundup we would catch up with them at the Walmart and visit, so glad we stopped before Wayne passed away and visited with Dad. Prayers to all her family she will be missed.

  5. I am very sorry for your loss, Frank and Kathy. I remember, when I was a teenager in the Sixties, once asking Mrs. Ferguson her views on the war that was going on at the time. She told me that I should go listen to Bob Dylan’s “With God On Our Side.” I thought that she was one cool lady to listen to Bob Dylan, while my own mother was stuck in the generation that thought “Mockingbird Hill” had great lyrics. I bought the album, listened to the song, and am forever grateful that a friends’s mother turned me on to some music that had a great impact on me at the time. Take comfort in knowing that your Mom’s future is safely in the loving hands of a merciful God, Jehovah. With sincere sympathy, Craig

  6. Richard P Clawson

    What a wonderful remembrance of a life well lived. Only met Frank’s parents a few times over the years, but reading about Josie and Wayne’s life, helps me fill in the gaps supporting my high regard of their son Frank. He has great attributes of both parents.

    I see the sense of wonder and discovery shared with his Dad…. I still have a bunch of vintage tail lights Wayne traded me… yet to make into a wreath. The thought and research Frank put into his art , or for that matter any process most probably was influenced by a mother who was so well read.

    Frank Ferguson is one of the great contemporary artists of this region. The fact he is not famous, has more to do with keeping the day job to support his discovery of art; not following the art scene looking for recognition… That level of integrity and ability in the arts is rare: Maybe both parents had something to do with that. My Grandma Elizabeth used to say, “Be not only good but good for something”. I sense, the Fergusons, have contributed much to both those attributes.

    My regards and condolences to Josephine Oset Ferguson’s friends and family. Now she is at peace with Wane and free of life’s gravity.

  7. Barb Goffena Miller

    She was a sweet lady to put up with all of us teenager girls visiting Kathy. She was always gracious. I remember her and Wayne shopping in Billings where I worked. They would stop and visit. My condolences to Frank and Kathy.

  8. JoAnne Erickson

    I have great memories of Jo and Wayne. I worked for Senior Helping Hands and loved visiting with both of these wonderful people as I helped them. Jo and I loved teasing and picking on Wayne. They were great people.

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