Thomas Patrick Barrett


Thomas Patrick Barrett


My Love Story to My Husband

Thomas Patrick Barrett was born June 11, 1952, to Ella Mae and John Barrett, and passed away on Aug. 18, 2020, at 6:05 a.m., of Covid-19. He was born and raised in Broadus, Montana, by his parents, Ella Mae and Walter Ferguson, and got his teaching degree out of Havre, Montana, in history and social studies.

I met Tom on my birthday on July 23, while out for a birthday drink with my best friend. He walked in and asked for a dance. As soon as I looked him in the eyes, I knew for sure he was the man I was going to marry. We got married July 16, 1988. He became an instant dad to three boys: Dustin, Daniel and Derek.

He was a great dad. He was so happy and proud when we became grandparents to a beautiful little girl named Piper, Dustin’s daughter; then grandparents a second time to a little boy named Ryot, Derek and Jen’s son. A second boy will be born here soon.

Tom was a great pool player. He played leagues and we’d go to Las Vegas and he’d play with the “big guys,” as he called them. One of his teammates, a female pool player, played with him while I sat and watched. They were playing a match against these really good pool players and he accidentally fouled. He told his teammate that he fouled and she didn’t see it and the other team didn’t see it, but he was an honest man and he gave it to them. He knew in his heart that wasn’t fair and gave it to them. That was my husband. He was kind and true. He was a true gentleman.

He always opened a car door for me. Tom and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary on 7/16/2020, and on Aug. 16 of 2019, we renewed our vows. We took a trip down the Oregon coast to see the ocean. Tom worked at the Boys Ranch for 30-plus years, retiring last year in September. He loved his job. The children, he just adored. He’d have movie days where he’d get movies for the children and he’d take them all down to the office one by one and have them sit down on the couch one by one and return with a handful of pop and animal crackers for the kids to enjoy. And the kids loved it!

He was so loved by everybody at work. We took many trips when the boys were little. We went to Yellowstone Park and we drove to South Dakota bear country, where we got our car stalled amongst bears. He couldn’t understand why the guy on the horn was saying “don’t get out of your car!” Tom said, “but my car is stuck!”

In 2017, Tom lost both his parents. His mom in February of  ’17, and his dad Walter Ferguson in December, and his biological dad approximately 10 years ago.

Preceding him in death are Tana and Leland Cook; Marjorie, Milo and grandparents. He leaves behind his wife, Colleen Barrett; three boys, Dustin (Annie) and Piper Smith; Daniel Smith; and Derek (Jenna) and Ryot and Baby; a cousin, Bob Cook from Idaho Falls; the community of Broadus; a sister-in-law, Cathy and Don, and their daughters Charity and Toni Tecca, and four girls, Tracy and her two children; friends Chris and Shelly Mangen, Bruce Heidle, Norman Young, Randy Howard and wife, Roland Barnes, Doug and Linda, pool team friends, Matt McMilland and Rick, and so many more to mention. 

He loved you all, friends, colleagues and family.

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