Shelly June Delano

September 18, 1960


October 26, 2020

Shelly June Delano

September 18, 1960


October 26, 2020

With heavy hearts, family and friends want to share the sad news of the untimely passing of Shelly Delano on Oct. 26, 2020.

She was born on Sept. 18, 1960, in Billings, Montana, to June and James Delano. She grew up, graduated from Billings West High School, and remained living and working in Billings throughout most of her adult life. Shelly traveled many backroads, side roads and dead ends until finding her main road to contentment and peace.

Shelly lived a spirited life. From her time as a softball player, her interest in sports led her to admire Rafael Nadal and follow his career on the pro circuit as well as to attend the Iron Horse Rodeo in Red Lodge. Each summer her wild enthusiasm for the burning sun and dust of the Great American Hill Climb left her radiantly happy. Her summer routine continued to the Reed Point Sheep Drive and the Billings Fair. Sharing those events with friends left her with fond memories.

A lifetime love for animals made her a natural to adopt a number of dogs and cats as well as to volunteer on a weekly basis at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter cleaning, scooping and being a friend to many four-legged creatures. Additionally, she worked with the spay and neuter clinics in support of healthy pets. She cherished the times with her dogs on Norm’s Island.

In spite of her tough exterior, Shelly had a tender, embracing soul. The multiple recipients of her birthday and Christmas cards, personalized gifts, postcards, and banana bread retain warm memories of her generosity. She was a pen pal to those who needed a friend; a chauffeur to those who needed a ride; a committed participant in the recovery community; an honest support to the underdog.

In death, Shelly rejoins her sister Susan, her dear Aunt Sina, her parents, and her longtime companion Ron. She is mourned by her cousins and her many loving friends.

A memorial service will be held on Nov. 20, at Michelotti-Sawyers Mortuary, as cremation has taken place. Shelly would love for any memorials to be directed to the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

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24 thoughts on “Shelly June Delano”

  1. Deborrah Ann Stenberg

    As knowing Shelly for just a brief time and reading about the person she was, I would like to say that everyone who knew her, was so very blessed to be a part of her days, her life, and just knowing how generous and thoughtful she was. Her constant dedication always had a meaningful reason for others to smile within her beautiful presence. Within that race in life, I would like to acknowledge her as being a shining star on Earth, and in Heaven she will glow even more as a guardian Angel. With everyday examples of golden consideration and being such a helpful person, I hope she continues that race in Heaven. She will be thought of each day and missed even more. I truly wish she was with us today, however, just knowing where she is right now makes me feel that she’ll always remain in our thoughts. I’m very thankful I met Shelly and her beautiful family. As many great reasons for her kindness towards others, the memory of her will linger in many hearts forever. And as being loved and cherished so dearly, we will remember this name, Shelly June Delano and the stunning person she was. I would be honored to walk where her feet had traveled.

    1. I was so blessed to have shared in this beautiful ladies life. She was an example of a true friend. I’m not going to forget that magnificent smile.

    2. Thank you for the heartfelt message. Shelly was a bright spirit, a continual messenger of hope and strength. She will always live in our hearts.
      Shelly’s cousin Tully

  2. Uplifting and hugs made my day whenever I saw Shelly. I will miss her positive outlook. It’s not good bye, it’s till the next round. Love you.

  3. She touched so many lives. She was always ready to extend a helping or welcoming hand. I feel blessed to have known her and been a part of her life for the past 10 years. She will be missed by all those who knew her.

    1. Marlene Chabot- Adolph

      I was a childhood friend of Shelly that lasted into high-school. She and I shared many secrets. She had a rough time in life following the death of her sister at such a young age. We would play cards in her room and play endless games of ping pong in her basement. We hung out at my house as well, we both lived on Poly Dr. just blocks apart. In high-school we even dated brothers for awhile. Not the best decision but Dan and Don were a learning experience. So sorry to hear of her passing, so sad!!! In my mind, I will always remember her and I riding our bikes together and laughing without a care!!

      1. Marlene, Thank you for sharing those sweet memories. Love hearing them. It helps in the healing process. I miss her so much.
        Shelly’s cousin, Tully

  4. Lori Lambrecht Schweigert

    I loved Shelly very much. We have been friends since our teenage years and she never had a bad word to say about anyone. Through the years we would run into each other and loved to reminisce. Her heart was huge and a true animal advocate. RIP you amazing human!!

    1. Thank you for sharing your warm thoughts. Shelly was a sweet angel who now watches over us.
      Shelly’s cousin, Tully

  5. I’ll always remember Shelly when I have a rice crispy treat… she always had some for us when she came to the salon to get her toes done. They were YUM….always a smile and happy go lucky it’s a sad day😪😢 she will be missed

    1. Sharon, You are the one who did her toes? I always loved that about Shelly, always beautiful nails. Thanks for sharing.
      Shelly’s cousin, Tully

  6. My heart is breaking that I won’t be able to call Shelly to catch up, I won’t receive a surprise postcard in the mail again, which always made me smile and feel so loved to know she was thinking of me.
    I will miss her laughs. I will think of her every time I make banana bread and each time I walk my dog.
    She was the love of my father’s life and their relationship showed me the true depth of love (despite whatever challenges the relationship brings).
    I take great comfort in knowing they are together again, laughing about the silliest things, enjoying the hillclimbs and rodeos in the sky.
    They are not gone. They will live forever in my heart.

  7. I knew Shelly some when we were in grade school at Boulder Elementary. She was very pretty as a fifth and sixth grader. At the time, she lived close to Boulder only three or four blocks away on Poly Drive and I would ride my bicycle home to the end of Poly Drive and I sometimes would see Shelly outside and I would say “hello” and Shelly was always polite and friendly and say hello back. I am glad she was friendly.

    1. Thanks , Chuck, for sharing your memory. Shelly remained a beautiful woman her entire life.
      Shelly’s cousin, Tully

  8. Shelly,
    Such a sweet and kind soul…
    A beautiful girl who lighted up my heart every time we talked.
    You are so loved dear Shelly..

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