Linda Darlene Dormady

June 9, 1946


May 25, 2021

Linda Darlene Dormady

June 9, 1946


May 25, 2021

Linda Darlene Dormady passed away on May 25, 2021, at the age of 74. She would have been 75 next month.

She was born in Sheridan, Wyoming, to Harry “Jack” and Wilma Belle Burns McCoy. She also resided in Miles City, Great Falls and, currently, Billings.

She is survived by her daughter, Brandi Dormady Chambers (Blair); her sons, Johnathon, William, Sean and Blaze McCoy; her grandson Micah and granddaughter Jeanne Lin; her sister, Sherri Braunstadter (Terry); her sister, Judy Yound (Randolf).

She married Clarence Dormady and, after 10 years, they divorced. She was preceded in death by Clarence Dormady; her niece, Joan Snortland; her nephew, Paul Atkins; her mother, Wilma; her father, Harry K. “Jack”; her brother, Jack Kenneth; and her sister, Patricia McCoy Atkins.

For many years, she served as a foster mom to many children and loved them all. She was an outstanding musician and singer, and she shared her joy of life with all her family and friends.

A Grandma’s Poem

It seems that grandmas always need
A little one to hold;
To kiss and love, with all their hearts,
To shelter from the cold.

It gives me so much pleasure
When you sit upon my knee,
To know as I grow older
You will always keep me company.

I’ll tell you lots of stories;
I’ll sing you lullabies,
and you will know I love you more
With each beautiful day that goes by.

I used to hold your mommy
And hug and kiss her, too.
I love her very much, you know

The same way she loves you.

I used to wish that she could stay
My baby all her life,
But God intended for my little girl
To grow up to be a mommy and a wife.

And that’s why He makes grandchildren —
To fill the empty gap.
It would be such a lonely world without you.
Come — sit on Grandma’s lap.

— Donna M. Bussey

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13 thoughts on “Linda Darlene Dormady”

  1. StarrLee Heady

    I will miss you cousin. I will remember you love, and your music for all of my life. Until we meet again Linda,
    Love, StarrLee Cotton Heady

  2. Linda always had a smile and a big hug for everyone. I have very fond memories of our times in Glendive when our children were young. You will be missed. My love and prayers to you Brandi, Sherri, Judy and other family members. Always keep her smile and laughter in your heart and memories.
    Love Jeri (Kufner)Sheriff and family

  3. Aunt Linda was clever and spontaneous, witty and hilarious, above generous and Always on the side of the downtrodden. She truly cared and gave concern for others around her and her actions were faithful. Although her life was full of trials, Aunt Linda never gave up on the Bible’s promises of a future life full of happiness and unending blessings. I’m so happy to have had the time I did with her, and look forward to many more..
    (Rev. 21:3,4) (John 5:28,29)

  4. Brandi Chambers

    My Mom was the most beautiful woman I ever met. When she loved you, you were loved forever. She taught me so many lessons. She taught me to love Jehovah, to care about others, to be generous with time or with what was ever needed. It was me and my Mom against the world forever and now she gets to rest and be resurrect refreshed. She won’t be in any pain of any kind and probably looking for a piano. I miss her terribly.
    I loved my Mom so much. ❤

    1. Carol Paterson

      Dear Brandi,
      Linda was such a delight to be with when we traveled to Billings. I always enjoyed our times together. She so willingly took us in as part of the family. I so hoped to see her this summer. Know that you are in our hearts and on our minds. Our love to you all.
      Aunt Carol and Uncle Don Paterson
      Memphis, TN

  5. Linda had a giving heart —–she was fun and funny—-She could make magic on a piano—-Playing pinochle was a whole new game with Linda and you never stopped laughing. She stayed with us and took care of us after my son was born for a few days. We all LOVED Aunt Linda!!!

  6. Mom was the best person I ever got to know. She was kind and caring and always made you laugh when you where feeling down. Love You Mom

  7. Chelsea Cotton Wentz

    Aunt Linda was always a character. She scared me when I was little but when I got older I treasured her words. You never had to guess where you stood with her, she always said what she thought. It’s a trait of the Burns women sometimes I am thankful for. And sometimes I wish it had skipped me. My grandmother always called her Lindy, I thought that was her name. Sometimes I got confused when people called her Linda. She was always good for a smile and a hug. Then an earful of whatever she thought you needed to hear. She will be dearly missed.

  8. We always looked forward to the family coming over us kids begged aunt Linda to play piano ( mine was baby elephant walk ) to this day I can still see her play ,, our house became alive with laughter music and cards ,thank you for some great memories.

  9. My Aunti Grandma-
    I see u walking down a narrow path with thorns, poisonous vines stretching to scratch u, wind howling, and a shadow following…but, a light appears, the fear subsides, the loneliness fades and there through the trees — a soft music you seem to recognize. Hidden in the light is your daughter (young, healthy, beautiful), then …your sons- fixed perfect in every way anyone imagined. As u look down to your beautiful legs and fingers- they are so tiny, so full of life, and yes – young as in childhood! With eyes full of tears you know you’ve made it. You’re safe, your real, and the wind blows you to any adventure Jehovah holds out. We will see u on the other side. And will watch out for the fiery young woman riding in on her horse ready to take on the world! I love you, and I will See u very soon❤️

  10. My dear Sister,. I know it wasn’t your choice to go however if you were standing in front of me. I would tell you that you ruined my
    whole day. I love you always and still. You were a joy to my life and someone I always looked up to. You had Sherri and I as your coat tail’s most of your life and still as we got older you still liked us. I never knew a more beautiful, loving, kind, generous, talented, person in my entire life. You always had someone’s baby on your lap, baby’s are a good judge of caricature. And you were a caricature. And will be again. Jehovah has promised. You will be young and healthy again. I will see you soon. Love

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